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Teaching for Empowerment in South India

Twenty students from Hong Kong International School facilitated a “Teaching for Empowerment” program with more than 45 high school students at Concordia-Pernambut and Concordia-Ambur in south India in March, 2017.  This was the seventh year of the program. Students that attend Lutheran schools in south India face various forces of disempowerment: caste discrimination, economic disadvantage, […]

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Teaching For Empowerment in South India

In early March, teachers and students from Hong Kong International School facilitated the fifth annual Teaching for Empowerment program for 45 high school students from Concordia High School in Ambur and Concordia High School in Pernambut in Tamil Nadu, India. The goal of the program is for Indian students to consider how they can make […]

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HKIS 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The Hong Kong International School (HKIS) 50th anniversary celebration week began with a worship service at Church of All Nations on Sunday, May 21 and culminated with the annual ball on Saturday, May 27. Throughout the week, there were a number of events for students and alumni as well as current and former faculty members. […]


HKIS students return to Ambur and Pernambut, India

For the last seven years Hong Kong International Students (HKIS) students have traveled to India to visit Concordia Higher Secondary School in Ambur and Concordia Higher Secondary School in Pernambut to implement a “Teaching for Empowerment” curriculum developed by HKIS students. In March, HKIS students returned to India once again to facilitate this week-long program. […]

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HKIS Partnership with Lutheran Schools in India

In March 2015, students and teachers from Hong Kong International School (HKIS) led a four-day Teaching for Empowerment curriculum with students at Concordia Higher Secondary School, Ambur and Concordia High School, Pernambut in southern India. The two student leaders of the trip, Caroline Scown and Brittaney Fried, also produced a facilitator’s handbook to help HKIS students […]


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