Presentation Skills—John Plagens

Saturday 1:15pm Workshop Session.
John Plagens, Professor, Japan Lutheran College
This workshop will be based on a course developed for the Tohoku University Graduate School, Japan.

Collaborative Teaching and Learning—Sharon Voss

Saturday 1:15pm Workshop Session.
Dr. Sharon Voss, Coordinator of English as an Additional Language Team and Humanities Teacher at Concordia Hanoi
This workshop equips English as an Additional Language Specialist and Core Class Teachers with a menu of tools to enhance the learning and language acquisition process of students by demonstrating and discussing co-planning, co-teaching and co-assessing, three key features of the Push In Process in an EAL Sheltered Immersion Program like that at Concordia Hanoi.

Growing Deep-Growing as an individual and team — Anne Dohnt

Anne Dohnt began her career as a classroom teacher and is passionate about effective teaching and learning and collaborating with others.
She is an experienced Lutheran educator who has worked as a professional learning leader in Lutheran schools across Australia. She has had significant experience in developing and writing a number of publications, resources and programs that have shaped the purpose and practice of Lutheran education in Australia. These have included Lutheran Education Australia staff formation programs such as Pathways and Equip, the LIFE Christian Studies curriculum, the Christian Studies Curriculum Framework, and most recently Growing deep, a leadership and formation framework.
Anne is currently the Director of Formation for Lutheran Education Australia, based in Adelaide, Australia. She is responsible for the provision and professional support for Lutheran education through the development of staff formation programs.

Award-winning Information & Communication Technology—I. Glory Rosaline

Mrs. I. Glory Rosaline, Graduate Teacher in Physics, works at Concordia Higher Secondary School, Barugur, Tamil Nadu, South India

Collaborative Conversations for School Improvement—Chris Schuster

Searching for practical ways to monitor and improve student learning?  In the past year, professional development giant Solution Tree has begun running professional learning community conferences in Asia and multiple EARCOS schools have adopted their framework. Learn the basics, hear stories of implementation, and discuss how this PLC model may serve your school community.  About […]

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