Cloud-Based School—A Model to Replicate -- David Elliott

David Elliott, Director of Technology, Concordia International School Hanoi

Concordia International School Hanoi has designed a technology infrastructure based in the cloud, using wireless Internet and Google Apps for Education. This technology model is all affordable, wherever Internet access is available. Learn more about this cloud-based system and discover how it can apply to your school. Administrators and technology advocates should attend this workshop—ALEA hopes to find additional schools that are willing to start on this exciting journey of moving into the 21st Century Learning culture.**

About David…

David was the Technology Coordinator at Hong Kong International School (HKIS) for more than 25 years. He taught technology through AP Computer Science and designed technology programs for administration, faculty, and students of all ages.

In 1998, David launched one of the first comprehensive web systems that was designed and maintained by high school students. In 2004, he led the design and implementation of an integrated class/curriculum management and ePortfolio system called MyDragonNet.

Since joining Concordia Hanoi in 2010, David has developed one of the first educational and administrative technology environments totally based in the cloud. He has helped launch the Hanoi Ed Tech group that brings technology educators in Hanoi together for support, workshops, and sharing of insights.


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