Historical Thinking Skills: Causation-The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back—Mike Burns

This interactive workshop will introduce nine essential skills to help students interpret and critically consider history and understand the world around them. Special focus will be given to understanding causation—a crucial concept to understand history and applicable to many other subjects and settings. The topics and skills covered can be applied to many disciplines and is appropriate for any grade level.

About Mike…
Mike Burns is a high school History and English teacher at Concordia International School Shanghai. Mike is from Seattle, Washington and has been teaching internationally since 2002, with stints in Doha, Qatar and Shenzhen, China prior to coming to Concordia in 2009. He has an avid interest in cycling and baseball, in addition to teaching World History, Big History, and Science Fiction. Besides his M.A. in World History, Mike is on the Executive Council of the World History Association, an AP consultant and exam reader, and an active contributor to the World History and Big History communities. Along with wife Debbie (PK-4), they have two married sons and three grandchildren and spend their summers in Seattle.

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