To provide schools in the United States and LCMS operated International Schools, the opportunity to connect directly with a national Lutheran school in the mission field, learning about the people, the culture and the mission.

To promote and facilitate student to student, teacher to teacher, administrator to administrator and school to school exchange of all kinds, be they virtual or actual. These could include programs in language acquisition, sports and cultural events and service learning.

  1. Lutheran Schools in the United States or one of the LCMS International Schools, hereby called the Sponsor School applying for the School to School program should complete the enrollment form by email to ALEA Executive Director Karin L. Semler (director@asialutheraneducation.org).
  2. Sponsor schools are to complete the enrollment form by indicating:
    1. Specific country and level of school (Elementary/Middle/High School) or
    2. Request the ALEA Executive Director assign a school.
  3. The School to School program offers the following opportunities for participation. A school may participate in one or more of these options:
    • Pen pals via the internet or by mail, though some schools might be so poor that help to accomplish this might be necessary. Learn about a foreign country’s culture and history directly from students in your sister school. Tell them about your school and country and pray for each other.
    • Sponsor a teacher from your school to visit your sister school and carry out a teacher in-service program during the summer holidays or other appropriate times.
    • Sponsor student, teacher or administrator visits or exchanges.
    • Provide books, materials, or funding to improve your sister school’s educational program and/or school facilities. Any requests by the sister school requires final approval by the ALEA Executive Director.
      note: Please do not send money directly from a sponsor school to the sister school (in some cases this is illegal and often moneys get lost). Please contact us for more information on how to financially support partner schools. 

To download these protocols, click here.