International Interface in Hong Kong

ii-logo_noMCDHThe International Interface program of The Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS) was initiated by LCHKS president Allan Yung. The program provides American mission teams to come to Hong Kong for 1-2 weeks in partnership with a LCHKS partner school. Teams teach English and share the good news of Christ’s saving love. During games, picnics, presentations, and field trips, teams and students spend time together and forge new relationships. Through their faith and friendship, each  team member shares a story of sacrifice and love with these students.

The International Interface program fosters a very personal ministry: team members produce intimate and exciting lesson plans that work to improve students’ English, teach about Christ, and build friendships between students and team members. Fun and relaxed conversation builds students’ confidence in their spoken English and shows them that team members care about them individually.

Beyond teaching and friendship, the teams serve in another important way. A team serves as a visible demonstration of their host school’s dedication to an excellent English program. English is one of the most important components to Hong Kong standardized testing. A strong English program is a primary focus in choosing a school. When International Interface teams help LCHKS schools demonstrate dedication to educational excellence, they are also enabling the well-established religion departments of the LCHKS schools to do their jobs. These departments have a standard Christian curriculum equipped with the saving Truth which each student studies.

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International School Student Teaching Opportunities

 There are opportunities for Concordia University students to do their student teaching at one of the three LCMS International Schools. For more information, please visit the Concordia University Websites:


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LCMS Short Term Service Opportunities

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) is a confessional Lutheran church with more than 6,000 congregations and 2.5 million members in North America. LCMS currently has active work or mission relationships in nearly 100 countries and maintains a total global missionary team of approximately 1,000—including missionaries, international educators, personnel, military chaplains, and staff.

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