HKIS Partnership with Lutheran Schools in India

HKIS Partnership with Lutheran Schools in India

In March 2015, students and teachers from Hong Kong International School (HKIS) led a four-day Teaching for Empowerment curriculum with students at Concordia Higher Secondary School, Ambur and Concordia High School, Pernambut in southern India.

2015-03-12-04-41-10The two student leaders of the trip, Caroline Scown and Brittaney Fried, also produced a facilitator’s handbook to help HKIS students lead the local students through the program. Their handbook, the printing of which was supported by the Jim Handrich service learning fund, also proved effective on trips to the Philippines and South Africa.The four days of teaching began at 9:30 AM with a devotion in the main hall, then broke into 10 small groups led by two HKIS students. Here is a summary of the eight sessions:

Session 1: Introduce issues and find which ones students are passionate about. Students join groups and get to know each other.

Session 2: Students understand the power of a team and work together to solve a challenge.

Session 3: Students learn about the power of the individual to create change.

Session 4: Students build confidence and improve their communication skills, especially in public speaking.

Session 5: Students brainstorm solutions to their chosen issue.

Session 6: Students develop an action plan detailing specific steps they will take to address their chosen issue in the community.

Session 7: Students prepare a 5-minute presentation detailing their chose issue and action plan.

Session 8: Students practice their communication skills by presenting their action plans. Students will also have the chance to hear about other action plans. (To learn more about last year’s trip and a detailed explanation of the curriculum used in 2014, click here.)

An HKIS alum, Anjali Daryianai, and her team joined us in Ambur to film the program, and has now produced two videos – one for the students, and a second one that emphasizes the Lutheran church connection between the two schools.  Enjoy the videos!

HKIS Students in India
HKIS and Lutheran Schools in India

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