Win-Win-Win: 3 ALEA Schools Hold a 3-Day Service Leadership Training

Win-Win-Win: 3 ALEA Schools Hold a 3-Day Service Leadership Training

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Students from Concordia-Shanghai, Concordia-Hanoi, and HKIS gathered together for a 3-day service leadership experience and mini-conference. This is the first time that these three sister schools, all institutional members of the Asia Lutheran Education Association (ALEA), held an extended joint service leadership training program. 

Middle School Student Leadership Conference
at Hong Kong International School
January 9-11, 2014

 Celebrating and utilizing the partnership among the three LCMS founded international schools in Asia, a three-day conference to develop the skills of individual leadership and group dynamics for Grade 7 & 8 Students is being hosted by Hong Kong International School in early January. Students from Concordia-Hanoi and Concordia-Shanghai are invited to join the HKIS student leaders for three days of activities in Hong Kong.

In addition to developing the capacity of skills in participating students, we also want to bring our three schools together annually to celebrate and learn with one another. This conference will engage students in two service projects at  Crossroads Foundation and the HK Tzu Chi Recycling Center. Service-learning is a foundation in each of our schools, which will be highlighted in personal action, discussion and reflection throughout the event. Please note that both Crossroads and the recycling center were founded by HKIS Alumni.

Joining us will be two leaders from the Me to We organization, who are at HKIS the same week assist in the Grade 9  Service Summit, which we are also participating in. Many thanks to HKIS Teachers Marty Schmidt and Mike Coleman for their leadership in this conference for our MS Students. Marty will be helping us explore how being in service is critical to understanding one’s capacity to lead and serve. Mike, Middle School PE teacher, will lead our group through a variety of physical and mental challenges on the high ropes course at HKIS.

(Description written by Pat and Sue Frerking)

The 2014 Service Summit, held on January 11th at HKIS, was a successful start for HKIS students who are kicking off their Elixir Projects during the second semester of their humanities course, Humanities I in Action. Highlights of the Summit this year include:

  1. More than 90 grade 9 HKIS students attended, all looking to find an Elixir Project which in some way will contribute to making the world a better place.
  2. Following the inspiring keynote 2014-01-11 03.30.55delivered by Rob and JP of “Me to We,” 17 groups presented about a variety causes: hunger in Hong Kong, human trafficking, scholarship programs in China, recycling, reducing one’s carbon footprint, teaching English in Hong Kong, and many more.
  3. Five of the 17 breakout sessions were led by HKIS alumni who continue to pursue social change initiatives beyond their high school years.
  4. The vast majority of the presenters were current 10-12th grade HKIS students who wanted to share with this year’s freshmen what they did for their 9the grade project or how they taken worthwhile projects since grade 9.  Students talking to students.
  5. For the first time, middle schools students from HKIS joined with their counterparts at our sister schools, Concordia-Hanoi and Concordia-Shanghai, to participate in a three-day service leadership retreat in Hong Kong. On the third day the three schools participated in a morning leadership workshop with the “Me to We” facilitators, and then joined the Service Summit in the afternoon.

For a fuller description of this event, see Marty’s blog entry about the 2014 Service Summit.


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