Here are a few videos from our schools and partner organizations:

Just across the border from Hong Kong are students very much like HKIS students – hard-working Chinese students who speak Cantonese as their first language and learn Mandarin at school. They watch Hong Kong TV programs at night. They want to make something of their life and make their parents proud. However, these families cannot afford paying $330 US for a year of school. HKIS students and Church of All Nations have both raised donations that have allowed hundreds of girls to keep their dreams of a high school education alive. Our scholarship trips will bring attention to the girls’ situation, celebrate their achievements, and encourage them to keep their dreams alive. HKIS students have worked with CWEF to hold an English and Leadership camp for the girls in July for the last four years. The following video introduces the scholarship program and the summer camp experience.

In April, 2010 Marty Schmidt took a group of 10 students to Manila to work at an Concordia Children’s Services, an orphanage that LCMS World Mission has supported for many years. These students were in my Humanities I in Action, a service learning course at Hong Kong International School. All students in the course design their own Personal Action Project, and these students chose CCS. In addition to raising $2000 US as a donation, our group enjoyed a rewarding weekend at the orphanage. The students recorded our time at the orphanage and reflections on the trip in the following video: