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Making Blended Learning work in the classroom

In 2008, John Hattie released a ground-breaking book for educators that synthesizes years of classroom research to help teachers understand how a variety of teaching methods contributes to learning in the classroom. The book is full of important information, and the reader can easily feel overwhelmed processing what it means for their own classroom. Simultaneously, […]

Lutheran Contemporary and Entrepreneurial Education in Brisbane

What does it mean for a school to provide “contemporary and entrepreneurial education”? One approach is already demonstrating improved outcomes for students at Living Faith Lutheran Primary School in Queensland, Australia. Living Faith provides kindergarten through year 6 schooling. The school was established in 2001, and in the last 5 years has been re-organizing around […]

5th Australian Conference on Lutheran Education (ACLE5)

The 5th Australian Conference on Lutheran Education officially commenced in Adelaide, Australia, on July 5th. The opening worship meaningfully completed the Walk My Way: Stepping out to bring Love to Life initiative (in partnership with Australian Lutheran World Service) that began the day before as hundreds of volunteers followed the pioneer trail of the Prussian […]

Reformation – The Cast of Characters

Have you been looking for a source for well-researched, succinct, historical information on the people who contributed to the Protestant Reformation? Jim Found has produced an excellent introduction to 30 of the people who contributed in some meaningful way towards the events and understanding that form what we today call the Reformation. While we typically […]

HKIS 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The Hong Kong International School (HKIS) 50th anniversary celebration week began with a worship service at Church of All Nations on Sunday, May 21 and culminated with the annual ball on Saturday, May 27. Throughout the week, there were a number of events for students and alumni as well as current and former faculty members. […]

Concordia Wisconsin partnership with Shanghai Normal University Tianhua

Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) is looking for a representative to teach courses beginning in September at Shanghai Normal University Tianhua (SNUTH). The CUW representative would teach first and second year university students, primarily helping to prepare students to spend their Junior year on campus at Concordia University Wisconsin.  These high achieving students have all passed China’s gaokao exams. […]

Dr. Kwon Deuk Chil installed as LTU President

The Luther University (LTU) Board of Regents selected The Rev. Dr. Kwon Deuk Chil to be the seventh president of the university. The installation service for Dr. Kwon was held on Tuesday, May 15 at 11:00 am in the LTU chapel. Former LTU president Rev. Dr. Kim Hae Chul gave a message. Dr. Kwon studied in […]

Mrs. I. Glory Rosaline appointed as Principal of Concordia Higher Secondary School

Mrs. I. Glory Rosaline was appointed as Principal of Concordia Higher Secondary School in Barugur, Tamil Nadu, India on May 10, 2017. Please join ALEA in a prayer of thanksgiving for Mrs. Glory Rosaline’s continued service and opportunity to lead the faculty and students at Concordia Higher Secondary School. Concordia Higher Secondary School is also proud to announce all […]

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Originating in 2002, Asia Lutheran Education Association (ALEA) is a collegial organization of educators, administrators, PS-12 schools and post-secondary institutions focused on the highest quality education. ALEA brings Lutheran schools and institutions together to learn from each other and network with schools and universities regionally and internationally.


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