Resources for, and news about, Lutheran schools. Includes governance manuals for school boards, chapel talks, and more.


Monthly webinar discussions that provide great opportunities for staff development and growth.


Educational information published three times a year by the Lutheran Education Association (LEA).


LASE assists and supports schools to address the cognitive, social and spiritual development of children with special needs so they may fully enjoy their God­given potential.

We believe helping children with disabilities and special learning needs is a vital part of a Christian education environment.

It is our privilege to help these children thrive.


Dedicated to better understanding the Lutheran distinctions and how they inform higher education, practices, and instruction. The site, a project of Concordia University Nebraska, provides practical examples, ideas, and background for content and instruction in the classroom and congregation.


Produced three times a year by Concordia University Nebraska,  explores questions of interest related to the educational mission of the church that are addressed by invited writers in articles, editorials and book reviews.


A treasure trove of resources to assist children in learning about countries and cultures in Asia and around the world.


Asia-focused information and resources on sustainability, environmental issues, and experiential learning.


LEA invites you to connect with educators worldwide and receive resources through their GLEnet listserv. Sign up at the by clicking on the icon above and entering your email information.

Toolkit and curriculum for facilitating conversation within a school or local community around different topics, stimulated by observations of artwork or reflection on writings.


Listen to a podcasts focused on the integration of technology and education produced by teachers of Concordia International School Shanghai. Subscribe on iTunes.


Leaders are empowered 300 words at a time through Dan Rockwell’s daily Leadership Freak blog.

Teaching Channel is a thriving online community where teachers can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow.

Teach Better Podcast

The Teach Better Podcast is a series of conversations with teachers about teaching. We talk mostly with faculty in higher education, but will occasionally talk with other teachers too.


Digital literacy is increasingly important for our students – both how to use technology, and how technology works. Do you think that you can’t include technology curriculum because you don’t have access to computing resources for your school? Check this site for a collection of computer science fundamentals teaching lessons for the unplugged classroom.

Please check back to access more free resources for educators.